About Walkies


One sunny afternoon, I met my friend Rose for a walk with her and my two dogs. Sitting on the beach watching them all play together, we engaged in the usual conversation of how our week had been and how my photography was going. She then asked me, if I could do anything besides photography, what would it be? I whimsically answered “walking dogs” and, almost embarrassed by my answer, covered it up with a giggle and awaited the usual response of “but you have a degree…how can you walk dogs?” Instead, with all the grace and wisdom only a octogenarian could possess, Rose answered, “Well my darling, if that’s what you love doing, then do it.”

Something in me shifted and I began to view the simple idea of walking dogs in a completely different light. Since entering my thirties, and experiencing some tumultuous life events, I found myself desperately seeking a way to redesign my life – where I can maximise happiness, minimise stress and above all, simplify existence. Things that make me happy (besides wine): being outdoors, the ocean, walking and dogs. So the old adage goes – do what makes you happy.

When drawing up my business plan, I identified a niche market of apartment dwelling 9-5 professionals, who desperately want to have a dog – but A) don’t have the heart to leave them home all day, B) are pressed for time to walk them and C) are neurotic like myself about leaving them at a doggy daycare. This is where Walkies comes in. Our team will provide the necessary care, at any level required, to ensure that both you and your doggy’s wishes are realized. Happy pups = happy humans and vica versa!

After gaining insight from friends living abroad, I quickly realized that besides running the basic walking service, there was the international concept of offering a professional turn key dog walking service in South Africa – whereby our trusted walker’s gain consensual access to your home, collect your dog(s), exercise and treat them, and when you come home – your dog is happy and drained of excess energy – without you having to lift a finger.

So here I am, a few months later, launching Walkies Cape Town, a professional urban dog walking service operating along the Atlantic Seaboard, in the City Bowl and the Northern & Southern Suburbs. I look forward to meeting you and your fur-kids – Michelle 

**Update! Walkies has been operational for nearly 2 years and now services the neighbourhoods of Tokai, Claremont, Constantia, Durbanville, Bloubergstrand, Plumstead, Wynberg, Milnerton, Vredehoek. We are also in the process of launching Walkies Durban www.walkies.durban